Payment Methods

We support the following 4 payment methods. Here's a brief introduction:


Typically used for international money transfers, T/T is a quick and safe mode of transferring money overseas. Using this payment, you can transfer funds from anywhere, at any time, very convenient. And It can be easily tracked, eliminating the need to figure out how much money was sent, and when was it sent.

Alibaba Trade Assurance

Using Alibaba's protection service means that you will get a guarantee that your products are produced with the expected quality, paid for securely, and shipped on time. Once there is any problem,  ​you can file a dispute, and Alibaba will investigate and mediate to help you get a refund. You can make payments through Alibaba Trade Assurance using your credit card or via T/T payment. To make payments through Alibaba Trade Assurance, you should have a verified Alibaba account.


PayPal payment offer fraud protection enhanced security and encryption for all transactions. It is a straightforward way to send money, very easy to use. An extra level of security and fraud prevention will keep your information and money safer.


As an eWallet app, Alipay will enable users to store debit or credit card details to make online and in-store purchases using their phones. It works as a mobile wallet-based payment method. It is very convenient to use.

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