3 Fold Auto Umbrella


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[Production Process]:Thermal transfer printing

[Material Description]:100% Polyester

[Product Performance]:Firmness and durability: The umbrella rib skeleton uses structural mechanics, and the umbrella rib composed of 8 structural steel and carbon fiber composite structures is used to stabilize the frame, stabilize the wind-resistant and fully automatic umbrella, and effectively improve the opening and closing efficiency of the umbrella cover. Umbrella exterior vinyl, printed with exclusive patterns, can effectively block ultraviolet rays and prevent tanning.
Easy to use: It can be opened automatically by pressing the button once, which is very convenient to use. You don't have to wait a second to open your umbrella when getting on or off the bus in the rain, especially when it rains heavily, even if your hands are full. When the umbrella is opened for use, the rainwater naturally slips down, and after use, it is lightly thrown away, and the water drops immediately leave the umbrella cover, which has strong water resistance and obvious dry effect, thus prolonging the service life of the umbrella. Nanotechnology is adopted to process the common umbrella cover, imitating the water resistance effect of lotus leaves, forming a water-resistant fabric, and effectively blocking the infiltration of rainwater.
Ideal gift: Small size, light weight, easy to carry anytime and anywhere. Umbrella handle is wide and comfortable, easy to hold, frosted texture, and effectively prevents hands from slipping. With a stylish look and a variety of bright colors for you to choose from, this umbrella is an ideal gift for family, friends and colleagues!

[Applicable Scenarios]:Umbrella that can be placed in briefcases, backpacks, suitcases, etc., suitable for outdoor activities, such as traveling and shopping.

[Washing Instructions]:It is recommended to wipe and clean regularly.

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